Fiona McQuarrie

Fiona McQuarrie grew up in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in a family that loves all kinds of music. After finishing high school, she started working in journalism, and eventually became a music critic for the Vancouver Sun newspaper and later for the Vancouver Province. She started taking university courses part-time, and then went to university full-time while continuing her freelance writing career. After completing a Ph.D. she became a professor at a university in her home province. For a while most of her writing focused on her professional interests, including authoring an academic textbook that is the top seller in its field, but her enthusiasm for music remained undiminished. In 2016 she became a contributing writer for Shindig! magazine, authoring a series of articles that each chronicled the history of a single song. SONG BOOK, her first book for New Haven, follows the same format, featuring the stories of 21 songs released between 1964 and 1974.