Love Marriage Divorce

Love Marriage Divorce by Garry Johnson

Lied about and hounded by his ex inlaws, his ex wife and her new boyfriend, Social Services and The Family Courts, Garry Johnson was close to being destroyed, mentally, physically and financially. He stood alone and nobody believed his side of a very bad break up and messy divorce. When children are involved it always makes is so much worse. How do you stand up to lies and bullying when no one believes you, and everyone believes your ex wife? Made out to be the villain, maltreated by the family courts and social services, Garry Johnson finally found the strength to fight back. Ironically his custody battle lasted twice as long as the Second World War, and nearly cost Garry his life when his heart stopped – twice, due to the stress and harrassment he had to suffer from the very people who are meant to help families. Garry Johnson’s true story of one mans fight to expose the secretive Family Courts and social services and get access to his children is indeed a tale of courage in the face of persecution. Dont miss this compelling tale of one fathers fight for his right to be a father to his children.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781912587124