Plato Detective

Her face turned white. “Don’t!” she bleated.”Don’t kill me! For God’s sake, I don’t want to die. . . Take all the money, Plato. Here, take it!”

As she spoke, she reached into the suitcase to pick up the briefcase and the next moment her right hand came out holding a gun. I didn’t stop to think about it for a moment. Almost instinctively, I pulled the trigger of Albrozo’s gun – twice.

The first bullet hit her right between the eyes and the second just where her heart was supposed to be. One for Myrna and one for me, I thought, dazed by the development.

Tough private detective Plato Cartessis closed in this unorthodox manner a case that had started with the best omens but had sent two people to their graves, put the life of some others at great risk and would possibly send him to the big house unless his lawyer partner-cum-girlfriend could save him with her legal skills!

Published by Phoenix Press Ltd. New Haven crime/fiction imprint



Jimmy Corinis, the Greek author and last Editor of the legendary Greek pulp magazine “MASKA”, writer of 12 crime fiction books, translator of hundreds of crime fiction short stories and books and writer/director of three police procedural and mystery TV Series who has at times been called in his country “Legend”, “Maitre”, “Master” and recently the “Patriarch of the harboiled novel”, is happy, proud, and grateful to announce to the English-speaking Greeks all over the world as well as the rest of the English-speaking people, that Phoenix Press, the American sister company of British New Haven Publishing, has chosen his hard boiled novel as below, written in accordance with the rules set by the Old Masters, in order to inaugurate its venture into the crime fiction genre. I hope all Greeks will be proud of their fellow Greek and the rest of the world will appreciate the skills of a native of Greece who can write his novels directly in English! Special thanks to Teddie Dahlin for making it possible!