Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

What happens when a successful business exec, husband, and father suffers a precipitous hearing loss so severe it renders him deaf? In short order, he loses his job, his house, his family, and his mind. But when an old college girl friend contacts him out of the blue redemption seems right around the corner until he learns that the woman he’s fallen in love with twice harbors a secret so devastating it threatens to destroy them both.

In the tradition of such true, hair-raising, accounts as Girl, Interrupted, and A Million Little Pieces, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow: A True Story of Love, Hearing Loss, Heartbreak and Redemption shows how one man’s struggle with sudden, adult onset deafness eventually leads to a richer, more meaningful life. Hear Today not only speaks to the human condition, but demonstrates that when faced with a curve in the road so severe it threatens a crack-up, it’s possible to face life with wit, compassion, and grace-saving humor.