Desert Conversation

Some of us crave a moment away from it all. Not necessarily a fancy hotel or resort, maybe just alone time, in nature, or not, but somewhere you go when your daydreams give you a moment of peace, that Place. In this book Luke Goss goes to the desert, not a long adventure or expedition, but a simple camping trip to check in with himself. Four days and nights alone isn’t long, but long enough to stop and listen without distraction. Have you ever thought of sitting around a campfire in the desert at night looking at the stars without light pollution from the city. After a year of cameras following him around for an in depth documentary about his Band BROS, the Joshua Tree desert in Southern California and the title of a great U2 album is where Luke went to do just that. There was no plan to create this book while out there, but while writing in the desert night, the idea of having a conversation of shared thoughts encouraged Luke to put this book together. Questions about love, faith, God, war, consumption and more, this book is to reach out and to share a few thoughts and philosophies accompanied by images taken by Luke in the hope to give the reader a moment shared. With images of sunsets and a midnight campfire you’re invited to a Desert Conversation. Releases 28/2-2018

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705988
Dimensions: 280 x 216 mm

Price GBP 26.99