Farlo Ben Truman

Farlo Ben Truman has always been involved in the arts. He was originally a classically trained violinist and composer, having studied as a young child at various conservatories in the U.S. and, later, abroad. During his college years, Farlo studied under famed protégée of Jascha Heifetz, Erick Friedman, and after graduate work at Yale University, Farlo went on to the University of Southern California where he received an Advanced Studies degree in Film and Television Scoring. He also studied at Goldsmiths College (part of the University of London), Guildhall and London International Film School, amongst others.

In 1998, he spent four months in Genoa, Italy where he researched and wrote an epic period-piece screenplay based on the life of legendary violinist and composer, Nicolo Paganini. While Farlo was abroad, he interviewed major historians and actual descendants of Paganini himself who all gave their blessings on the script – not to mention the Genoa Film Commission who also gave their support to the project. The Paganini script, entitled Prisoner of Heaven, ignited the attention of various industry professionals and earned numerous honors and praise, as well as a professional writing assignment called Signs of Life.

Farlo has been published in Memoirabilia magazine and is also the writer of a stage play, The Great Deceiver, as well as several short stories and screenplays, the latter of which included a film adaptation of his first novel and a work-for-hire from a feature director.