Druggy Stardust & The Empress of Clubland

The second book release in rocker Adam Bomb’s arsenal is an illumination through the dark New York City club scene during it’s decadent rock ‘n roll heyday. Picking up where his first book, `911 Is Disconnected… So This Is Rock & Roll’ left off, `Druggy Stardust’ is a cautionary tale describing the ins and outs of the rock music biz, and the ups and downs of falling in love and starting a family in the cocaine glitter palace known as Limelight. The dichotomy of a love story in a musical world fueled by sex and chemicals, this book is Adam’s secret diary. It chronicles the behind-the-scene stories of Adam’s work with such musical luminaries as Johnny Thunders, John Paul Jones, Chuck Berry, Steve Stevens & Billy Idol, record producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith), Hanoi Rocks and Michael Monroe, touring with Motorhead, Ronnie James Dio, and a long list of other music legends and Hollywood celebrities. It is a star-studded romp through the parties and hotspots of the elite New York City club scene and the gritty London rock discos of the late `80s and `90s. Druggy Stardust is an apologue of the louche, with incredible photos by some of rock and roll’s most renowned photographers like Mick Rock, Bob Gruen, Mark Weiss, and Limelight in-house photographer Miss Chickie. Insightful and entertaining, this true-life story is a peek behind the velvet rope and the dressing room doors when rock stars ruled the world.


It was a love story for the ages, or at least the late 20th century, when downtown Manhattan was the center of the universe, and nightlife queen Claire O’Connor found her match, rock-and-roller Adam Bomb. He tells their story from the front lines, where music and merriment was made into the wee hours. How he remembers it all, I don’t know.  Richard Johnson – Columnist New York Post / Page Six

Gender bending, sex, drugs, and rock and roll to excess, which is exactly what our business is; a veritable minefield of temptation that few navigate successfully, Adam Bomb’s ‘trip’ through his life is interesting, tragic, funny and a lot of unbelievable which makes it, well… believable. Fist raised high in salute to your crazy life.
Suzi Quatro – Rock icon / Author of Unzipped, Through My Eyes & The Hurricane

Adam Bomb is the most lovable asshole I’ve ever known. A hybrid of roots-rock and hi-tech guitar playing at its finest, he never got the break he deserved.
It’s admirable that he kept at it all these years, when so many would’ve just given up.
Andy McCoy – Hanoi Rocks

I so respected your relationship with Claire, she was clearly devoted to you, and I loved the way you both did your own thing, workwise. You never seemed to use Claire’s connections in Clubland to get gigs or whatever… which is what I think a lot of people expected. I loved that you guys kept your relationship sacred and private.
Michael Alig – Limelight Club Kid / Party Monster

You were the worst husband ever
Stephen Saban – Details Magazine

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