Suzi Quatro on the promo trail

So, went into Chelmsford today, dressed in my gym clothes which was my next destination, hair in a pony tail, not looking anything like me. Therefore I was able to walk right up to the window and see the big display for my book signing tomorrow at Waterstones, Chelmsford  May 27th.. noon.  Nicely done.. a mannequin with a leather jacket on.. copy of my autobiography UNZIPPED, .. Rak singles on the floor and a guitar,,and of course a big sign saying I will be there in 1 day. to sign copies of my first novel THE HURRICANE…a big poster of the cover is on display too….I felt very proud,,, come on down.


Looking forward to ‘Loose Women’ on June 7th… will be promoting my  headlining LEGENDS LIVE  tour in Oct in the UK of course.. and talking about THE HURRICANE , and THROUGH MY EYES.
I seem to be on a creative splurge at the moment, riding the train to the end of the track.. but then, I just may turn around and come back. In fact, the journey never ends.

Suzi Quatro