Tod Benjamin

 After completing a five year management training course with G.U.S., Tod remained with the group for 7 years. Then followed three years as M.D. of a retail chain of shops in Merseyside, before,
changing direction, he joined the sales management team of an American chemical company.
In 1978, a move to Scotland saw the founding of Harben Chemicals Ltd. and five years later, Thaumaturgy International. As M.D. and Chairman he then spent considerable time commuting to his office in Singapore and travelling all over South East Asia.

A keen volunteer, Tod sat on the Board of Elmwood College in Fife from 1988-1993, first as Chairman of Finance, then Chairman. In 1991 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and from 1993-1998, while spending winters golfing in Florida, tutored numeracy and literacy in the Palm Beach County schools system. On retirement from Thaumaturgy in 2001, intending to play golf, his principal activities proved to be helping others to get the best out of their lives. He volunteered at Bournemouth Hospital for 10 years, and still teaches an IT course for older people, on behalf of Age UK. A lover of classical music who regards himself as a failed musician, Tod has always found comfort in writing for his own emotional satisfaction – mainly poetry, but also fiction. His first novel, The Supervisor, sprang from a short story exercise undertaken in 1991, but only developed and fully realised as recently as 2015.