The Redundant Fugitive

A story that subtly defines serious problems existing between ethnic groups, the good and the evil, justice and injustice and the unusual circumstances that ruin a man’s life, a good man with values who on being made redundant is innocently drawn into the sordid world of crime.

The story concerns Amit Somaya, a British Citizen, of Asian parents, married to Jaya.  They have two children, Rayani, a boy aged 14, and Sarala, a girl aged 10.

Amit, an expert marine engineer, is suddenly made Redundant and finds it very difficult to get another job because of his unique skills and racism in the work place.

Amit beginning to get into financial trouble is approached by Johnny Landor, MD of The Rodnal Ocean Shipping Company, who offers him a job as engineer on a ship waiting to return from India to the UK. Johnny Landor sweetens the offer by saying it will also give him the opportunity to visit his and his wife’s relatives before joining the ship

On joining the ship, Amit is given no opportunity to service the engine as the Captain informs him that they are to set sail on the next high tide.

The ship is attacked by pirates who know the ship is carrying drugs. They kill the crew and hurl their bodies into the sea. Amit luckily escapes the carnage as the pirates don’t bother to search the engine room thoroughly.

Abandoned with all the crew missing and all the communication equipment wrecked, Amit has no way of signalling the passing ships.

After several nights on the high seas, he spots yet another passing ship and in desperation decides to build a fire out of the smashed crates. With a strong head wind the fire quickly spreads out of control and in no time the ship is ablaze.  Amit is forced to abandon ship.

The passing British Naval vessel spots the fire and Amit is rescued.

Back in the UK, without any documentation or means of proving his identity, Amit is held by immigration who suspect him of killing the real Amit Somaya and impersonating him as a means of getting into the UK.  Amit pleads to be able to visit his wife, who will confirm his identity.

Johnny Landor suspects Amit found out about the drugs, killed the crew and set the ship ablaze to keep the drugs for himself and forces Amit into working for him and soon finds himself engulfed in the sordid world of drugs, protection rackets, loan sharks, prostitution and sex trafficking.

To his horror Amit discovers the drugs he is being forced to supply have found their way to his own son who is rushed to hospital suffering from the effects of having taken ecstasy tablets.

As his world begins to collapse around him and fearing for his family, Amit decides to fight back, being pressured by Police Drug Squad who have been keeping a close surveillance on him for some time eager to nail Johnny Landor, agrees to co-operate.

During a planned raid, Johnny Landor discovering what Amit is up to threatens to shoot him. During a struggle Amit accidentally kills him. Fearful he will be arrested for murder, manages to escape before the police get to him and goes on the run, redundant and now a fugitive, A REDUNDANT FUGITIVE