A Vicious Love Story

A Vicious Love Story: Remembering the Real Sid Vicious by Teddie Dahlin

Teddie was 16 years old in 1977, when she was asked to be the translator for the Norway leg of The Sex Pistols Scandinavian tour. The book tells the inside story of the romance between Teddie and Sid Vicious. Instead of the self-destructive caricature of popular myth, Teddie reveals a troubled, vulnerable and generous young man. She gives a first-hand account of four young men at the eye of an international media storm, labouring under the sudden weight of expectation at the height of their fame. We are given a closer look into the dynamics between all the band members and their associates. The last chapters are written in part by Eileen Polk (ex-girlfriend of DeeDee Ramone) and Peter Gravelle, who were in New York at the time of Sid’s death.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9780957517004 English paperback

ISBN: 97880993000058 Russian paperback

ISBN: 9781910705001 French paperback

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