If I Fall Back Down Again

If I Fall Back Down Again by Raven Taylor nr 2 in the trilogy

Tobi and Morven had never planned on becoming parents- punk rock and small children don’t exactly go together, do they? But life has a way of springing the unexpected on you. Whilst Tobi welcomes the news that he’s going to be a dad, Morven isn’t sure she’s ready to give up her wild life style for a baby just yet. In this, the sequel to “If I Fall Back Down”, we rejoin our punk rock couple as they try to rebuild their lives and their relationship following the dramatic events at the close of the previous book. Tobi struggles to strike a balance between being a good dad and being the front man of punk band ‘The Radicals’ whilst trying to deal with the demons from his past. Morven hasn’t taken to motherhood at all and would rather be out partying. To make matters worse Goldie, a violent nazi and Morven’s ex lover, has just been released from prison, stirring up memories Tobi and Morven would rather forget.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9780993000065