If I Fall Back Down

If I Fall Back Down by Raven Taylor nr 1 in the trilogy

Tobias Grave and Morven Strike have nothing in common, or so it would seem. A punk rock legend in his thirties who’s had a poverty stricken life on the streets, plagued by a drink and drug problem, and a teenage girl, who, well, has had a pretty normal life so far. Just doesn’t seem right does it? Yet it works, somehow, for a while at least, until it all comes crashing down. You can open this memoir of a punk rock lifestyle almost at any point and be entertained by touching stories of Tobi and his band of street punks or harrowing accounts of drug and alcohol abuse. Tobi has had to overcome some huge trials in his life but see how this hardened die hard punk will cope when he looses the love of his life to a group of racist, nazi skin heads.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9780957517028