MANIA Mask of Sanity

MANIA Mask of Sanity by Teddie Dahlin This is the third in the Charlie Hart Crime Series

Someone is threatening the Goldbloom family, powerful third generation investment bankers. It starts with a blackmail letter, threatening to reveal to the World press that Manhattan Gold has been insider trading and large amounts of money has found its way into the pockets of the family members and main shareholders. With no way to comply to the blackmailers demands, the Goldbloom family find themselves at the mercy of a dangerous person, willing to do anything to torment the family and bring them down. Four people close to the family lose their life without warning.Charlie Hart is recuited by Gresham CPC to go undercover and look into who this person could be. Evidence leads her to believe this person is close to the family as they seem to know their routines and movements. She fits into their social circle, but close protection agent, Brody McCaine, is not happy that Gresham CPC are using his girlfriend as bait for a psychopathic killer who is so emotionally detached that he can sing the lyrics, but cant respond to the melody of normal human emotions. With all the colourful characters of the Charlie Hart crime fiction series in place for a new mystery of chilling murder and torture.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705018