Dazed The Story of a Grunge Rocker

Dazed The Story of a Grunge Rocker by Nikki Palomino

When artiste extraordinaire and grunge rocker, Eric Peterson, returns home after living on the Portland streets, he finds most things unchanged, except for one thing. His best friend, Kevin, has moved on to another relationship, causing negativity and pain to resurface in Eric’s short, angry, inspired life. Desperate, Eric will stop at nothing to secure a blast of smack, and fellow art student, Brian, tries to help, seeing that Eric’s pain might extinguish his artistic brilliance. When Eric finds DAZED, he gives up the drugs cold turkey and climbs brutally through the nightmarish world of addiction. Eric’s journey leads to self-discovery, love and passion, and a triumphant survival in a world that hates junkies and fags. CONTENT ADVISORY: There are mentions of a close MF relationship as well as several MM encounters with varying partners

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705025