Kickfast: Holisitc Wellness With Martial Arts by Ahsan Mustafa

Martial arts are known as the ‘way’ or the ‘do’. The way is available to you, you can choose to travel on it or choose another way, but the choice will lead you to very different destinations. Earl Nightingale once said that we are all self-made, but only the successful will admit that. Every person is where they are today as a result of the choices they have made. I wrote this book to demonstrate that martial arts is the ‘way’ to complete holistic wellness. I trained to excess when I started my journey – but the lessons I have learned, perhaps like Siddhartha 2,500 years before me, is that music can only be played if the strings are not too loose and not too tight. The purpose of martial arts is ‘self defence’ or ‘defence of the self’. This is an important concept to grasp. I’m not talking about fighting the thug in the street and engaging in violence. I’m talking about protecting the body and mind in a pure, gentle and holistic way. The ‘thugs’ we encounter are negativity from others and threats to our bodies via disease and decay. We will all grow old but we don’t need to become decrepit. Be kind to yourself. Most books I have read about martial arts are either too technical or pure fantasy. This book is designed with you as the reader in mind. I certainly don’t have time to train as much as I did years ago. If I was to start martial arts today and saw what was out there, I probably would skip it and go to weekly spin classes. However, with the knowledge that much finer music can be played if the strings are tuned just right – it would be a different ball game. Incorporating martial arts principles intelligently and efficiently is the key to true wellness. This book is a result of my trial and error and I hope you will enjoy getting to know your own body and mind, moulding the art around your own lifestyle. – Master Ahsan Mustafa

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705339

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