Of Meadows and More

Of Meadows and More by Don Himlin

“SECRET DESIRES; FORBIDDEN LOVE; LUSTY GOBLINS; POTIONS AND SERUMS; MAD SCIENTISTS; MYSTERIOUS PORTALS; AN ANCIENT EVIL; A SPACE SHIP; AND EVEN A DOG-FACED BOY. AND ALL OF THIS, TO BE SURE, IS IN THE BOOK ‘OF MEADOWS AND MORE'” Such is written on the cover of the book ‘Of Meadows And More’ and it is not false advertising. It is, however, certainly a lot of ground to cover in a single novel. Don Himlin wrote Of Meadows And More from a life-long ambition to fuse his literary loves of Comedy, Science Fiction, and Fantasy into one parody-homage to the genres. Of Meadows And More weaves a tapestry in which the elements of all three literary forms entwine throughout, indeed depicting all the attractions listed above. We witness events through the eyes of six, very different, characters, each struggling to survive a time of madness and terror. Flawed and unique as they are, it is no fault of theirs if their tale ended up as a funny one. About the author: Don Himlin is a musician and music producer and has released albums under his own name and several more under various guises and pseudonyms, most of these on the U.K. based label WLM (White Label Music). ‘Of Meadows And More’ is Don’s first novel.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705506