The Lost Book of Arthur

The Lost Book of Arthur by Simon Keegan

The Lost Book of King Arthur reveals the ancient written source that proves King Arthur’s origin as a Northern King – and identifies two “Grails” that are inscribed with his final battle, final resting place and Dragon title. On the 1500th Anniversary of the Battle of Badon, Pennine Dragon proved that the real King Arthur was a northern British chieftain from the York area called Arthwys ap Mar.Now the explosive follow-up The Lost Book of King Arthur reveals the texts that documented the great king’s life. And furthermore identifies – with actual photographs and locations of where you can go and see them – two of Arthur’s famous Grails. These cups were treasured at Arthur’s Hadrian’s Wall garrison and are inscribed with the title Draconis (Dragon), Arthur’s final battle (Camlan) and his final resting place (Avalon).From Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “very ancient book in the British tongue” to an old copy of the Historia Brittonum, written by a Northern British prince – and only destroyed in the Second World War Blitz – finally the pieces of the puzzle fit.The Lost Book of King Arthur shows through maps, charts and the piecing together of lost texts, that the legendary King Arthur was very much a real king and not only were his battle sites well documented they were etched forever into the side of great chalices.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781910705483

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