John Sealey

JOHN SEALEY has spent his entire working life in the film and television industry, beginning his career in the cutting rooms, becoming a film editor, working on many international feature films, as well as major filmed television series. John then decided to widen his scope, and moved into production becoming an assistant director, then moving into production management becoming a production manager, production supervisor, associate producer, and finally producer, working with many of the major US and British companies. John now concentrates his creative mind on writing, starting with the adaptation of bestselling author Anne Perry’s quintet of books, ‘No Graves As Yet’ ‘Angels In The Gloom’ ‘At Some Disputed Barricade’ ‘Shoulder The Sky’ ‘We Shall Not Sleep’ a murder mystery thriller, spanning the First World War into an epic television series. Anne Perry considers it to be the best adaptation of any of her books. John recently wrote “If A Wicked Man” the biography of John Lawson, a one-time violent criminal who thought the world owed him a living and everything was there for the taking. His life of crime had no depth, until one day something remarkable happened. He found God and it changed his life completely, published 31st March 2016. Having written “Catesby’s Holy War with co-writer Ric Gannon, John then went on to write ‘Once We Were Friends” a story based on fact about the German occupation of Norway, to be published in April 2017. John has now completed ‘The Redundant Fugitive’ set in India and England is the story of a good man with values, who having been made redundant is innocently drawn into a world of crime. John is now working on his latest novel “A Blighted Awakening” Set in the 19th Century Ireland and England. John is a Freeman of the City of London.