Ahsan Mustafa

Ahsan Mustafa has been studying the martial arts for 16 years and was awarded the title of ‘Master’ in autumn 2012. He runs his own academy in Glasgow Scotland and has been featured as the cover story of the ID Magazine in Glasgow and been interviewed by the Martial Arts Guardians. He has a passion for constantly developing new methods of learning and teaching and is a member of the Martial Arts Association of Great Britain. Having spent his working life in local government and the National Health Service, Ahsan is currently training to be a solicitor, having gained his law degree from the University of Strathclyde Law School. He was elected to the Scottish Young Lawyers’ Association committee in June 2015. In his spare time, Ahsan enjoys researching legal cases, reading books on philosophy, science and the arts and of course – training in the martial arts ;-)Top of FormBottom of Form