Simon Keegan

Simon Keegan was born in Liverpool in 1979 of Irish, Scottish, Cornish, Breton, Welsh and Swedish ancestry. He has been a professional journalist for 20 years and currently works for the Daily Mirror. He has also worked as a sub editor for the Metro, Daily Star and Daily Express. Simon was editor of the Salford Advertiser and Prestwich Advertiser and has also worked for magazines such as The Big Issue in the North and local newspapers such as the Stockport Express and Rochdale Observer. He has also appeared on various TV and radio shows as well as judging the UK’s largest live music contest. Simon is married with two children and in his spare time teaches a Karate and Jujutsu class in Manchester city centre. In pursuit of the Arthurian legends, he has travellled from Scotland to Cornwall, Ireland to Brittany, Wales to York and all points between.