You are welcome to submit a book proposal to New Haven Publishing (UK and USA).  PLEASE NOTE we are not taking any fiction submissions at this time unless it’s crime.

Please read the FAQ below before you contact us at: or  Before you submit you must be aware that New Haven expects authors to actively market their books in addition to our distribution channels. This means the authors have to have knowledge about where to reach their readers and know their market and is one of the criterions for being signed with us.

Please note: We do not offer potential authors advances on royalty. See FAQ below

What we are looking for:

We are looking for good popular writing. Something different, something new and something interesting. We particularly enjoy books that cross boundaries, look at topics from a new angle or have personal insight or new information on popular topics. We tend to go for non-fiction in the music and entertainment business, but won’t turn down a good book if it doesn’t fit the bill. We are less interested in fiction, which we find harder to sell than non-fiction. If you are a first-time fiction author, have little or no experience of the market, and the proposal is likely to be thin on the marketing side, please move straight along to another publisher.

A criterion for getting published with us is being able to use a computer, to be able to work with Word software and to be willing to keep to your deadline. We are a modern computer-based company working with authors worldwide.  We do not accept manuscripts in the post, nor do we answer by letter. If you are computer illiterate, please move on to another publisher.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the World, but we only publish English books. We are not interested in re-issue books one of the larger publishers has dropped, or a self-published book.


New Haven accepts unsolicited submissions. What does this mean?

We are a  publisher who accepts unsolicited (directly from the author) material and we read manuscripts sent via a literary agent or scout. We are growing fast and the time to get through submissions can take up to 6 months. Although this can be frustrating for authors, the reality is that it simply isn’t possible for us to sift through the vast number of unsolicited submissions received any faster. So please be patient.

Can I make my living through writing books?

Unfortunately, very few authors live off the profits of their writing – the J.K. Rowlings and Dan Browns of the world are rare exceptions. Generally, authors work day jobs alongside their writing career. However, many supplement their income by offering visits to schools, libraries and festivals, or other writing-related work.

What is an authors advance and can I get one from New Haven?

An advance is based on the first edition print run of a book and is an advanced royalty. Once your book is selling, you will have to have sold enough to cover that advance before you get any more royalties. New Haven Publishing doesn’t not offer authors advances on royalty. However New Haven has a much higher royalty percent than many other publishing houses, paid monthly.

My friends and family love my work but publishers keep rejecting it. Why?

Publishers consider lots of factors when deciding whether to take on a book such as; trends, how the book stands out, the quality of  writing, how different it is, and how easy it will be to sell . Your book may be excellent, but still not right for any one of these reasons. Don’t take it to heart if a publisher says your book is not what they’re looking for. Just because it isn’t right for one publisher, doesn’t mean its not any good or right for another. You may get 50 ‘No’ before you get that much awaited ‘YES!’